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Cosmetic Dentistry, Multidisciplinary, Teeth WhiteningCustom At-home whitening followed by new porcelain veneers on upper left and right central incisors
Cosmetic DentistryDirect composite bonding An enormous enamel fracture as a result of tripping and falling into a brick wall. Dr Peta Leigh was able to immediately repair this child’s fractured right central incisor using direct composite bondings. Aside from occasionally needing a polish and needing to...
Cosmetic Dentistry, Multidisciplinary, Orthodontics, Teeth WhiteningDr Jill Daus and Dr Peta Leigh worked together to provide this patient with a combination of specialist treatments to makeover his smile. First his tooth alignment was corrected with hidden lingual braces, followed by at-home tooth whitening and direct composite bondings to even the...
Cosmetic DentistryThis patient came to us wishing to improve, but keep “her smile”. A single veneer change on her upper central incisor has transformed her smile, sometimes simplicity is key.
Cosmetic Dentistry, Teeth WhiteningWhite spot leisons can often complicate teeth whitening treatments. With a combination of treatments Dr Peta Leigh was able to even the appearance of this patient’s enamel and whiten to an even B1 shade.
Cosmetic Dentistry, Multidisciplinary, Orthodontics, Teeth WhiteningWe’re extremely proud of this joint case. This smile makeover was an absolute pleasure and Dr Peta Leigh and Dr Jill Daus worked closely to coordinate the treatment plan to give their patient an ideal result. When she attended her initial consultation she told us...
Cosmetic DentistryDirect composite bondings on the upper front six teeth (canine to canine) by Dr Farnoosh Mimeh. Improving the spacing, alignment and overall shape of this smile – whilst remaining natural.
Cosmetic DentistryIn just one appointment composite bondings were placed on the canine teeth. The bondings were artfully covered, shaped, filed and polished to be transformed into laterals.
Cosmetic DentistryA close up view of two composite restorations (freehand) by Dr Farnoosh Mimeh.  The restorations replaced the patient’s worn enamel to create a natural result with minimal preparation, in-line with our practice core values.  
Cosmetic Dentistry, Teeth WhiteningDr Peta Leigh created a tailored tooth whitening protocol to provide outstanding, even whitening results for this patient’s wedding smile! She is thrilled with the result (and, so are we!)