Our Core Values

passion in our practice

For centuries Willow Tree bark has been used in natural medicinal remedies, to alleviate pain. It also represents balance, learning, growth and harmony. Willow Tree Dental aims to reflect the willow tree’s therapeutic and symbolic heritage in its practices. We promise to deliver a relaxed and comfortable dental experience that combines clinical excellence with a knowledgeable tailored treatment plan.

Willow Tree Dental and Orthodontic Centre is a friendly and international practice, we offer end-to-end patient care and high-quality service. Covering everything from the most routine of dental check-ups to innovative orthodontics, cosmetic dental and facial aesthetics. We believe in passion in our practice and we’re led by our four core values.

Value of Service

Our team has been carefully selected to maintain the same high level of skill, care and love for our patients, to ensure you receive the same value of service from us all. Our time is invested into you, to fully understand your dental health along with your desired result and peace of mind.

Minimal Intervention

Our internationally trained team brings a wealth of minimal intervention knowledge and experience to your care. Our preventative approach focuses on monitoring, repairing and protecting our patients’ natural tooth tissue.

Honesty & Transparency

It’s important to us that you fully understand the treatment that we have recommended and that you are confident and comfortable with it. We will endeavour to be reassuring, upfront and to discuss your treatment options in full so that you can make trusted, informed decisions. 

Family Approach

Patient satisfaction and trust in our treatment are imperative therefore, we will always recommend the treatment that we would wholly recommend to our friends and family.


A beautiful, healthy smile gives you confidence within.