Dental Emergencies

Pain free, healthy teeth enabling you to smile.


Our emergency dentist service is available to new and existing patients, you do not have to be registered with us to book an emergency dentist appointment.

Dental pain can be unbearable, and we understand the need for urgent dental treatment so, we are committed to trying to find you a same day emergency dental appointment.

Our aim is to ensure you get the best general dental care and emergency dental service in terms of quality, reliability and affordability.


Preventing Dental Emergencies

Attending regular dental check-ups to monitor the health of your mouth, teeth and soft tissues as a whole will prevent the need for emergency dental appointments. They help to identify any areas of concern early on, before they develop and cause you further problems.

Maintaining Oral Health

It’s also important to attend routine dental hygiene appointments and maintain a high level of oral health at home to prevent gum disease leading to emergency dental treatment. Gum disease, if left to develop further, can cause teeth to become mobile and eventually be lost.

A beautiful, healthy smile gives you confidence within.