What Is An iTero®️ Scanner?

iTero scan

What Is An iTero®️ Scanner?

Invisalign’s iTero Scanner

At Willow Tree Dental and Orthodontic Centre we offer all of our Invisalign patients the latest in in digital Orthodontic technology – an iTero Scan!

Using Invisalign’s iTero Scanner our expert Orthodontic team are able to scan the inside of your mouth to generate an accurate 3D model of you current dentition. This innovative software then creates a simulation of your potential results, instantly!

iTero’s state of the art technology has revolutionised our Invisalign patient’s orthodontic treatment journey, eliminating the need for traditional dental impressions and enabling patients to begin treatment up to 3 times faster.

iTero Scan

What Is A Dental Impression?

Dental impressions are vital for creating custom oral devices that fit comfortably in the mouth and on teeth surfaces.

The process of having dental impressions taken involves a patient having their teeth pressed into an impressions tray, usually filled with a dental putty or alginate, this is then processed in a dental lab where they fill the impression with stone and create a cast replica of the patients dentition.

Custom oral devices include;

While having dental impressions taken is in no way painful, it is a messy process and some patients find the experience unpleasant, especially those with a sensitive gag reflex.

How It Works

Initiating Invisalign treatment with an iTero Scan completely eliminates the need to take traditional dental impressions. Instead, we take a digital impression with the iTero’s intraoral camera.

The scanner wand fits comfortably inside your mouth and is gently manoeuvred around the teeth and mouth as it captures thousands of images per second to generate a 3D digital impression of your dentition. The entire process can take as little as 2 – 3 minutes and uses a radiation free laser, so it is completely safe and pain free!

iTero Scan

What’s Next?

Once your scan is completed we send your digital impression to align tech, they create your custom made clear aligners for Invisalign treatment, who formulate your 3D animated treatment plan.

Your treatment plan demonstrates how your teeth will move with each new aligner, throughout your Invisalign treatment journey. This revolutionary system allows you to see your potential results before you begin treatment!

Request An iTero Scan

If you are interest in Invisalign treatment and would like to book an Orthodontic consultation and iTero scan, get in touch. We’d love to help you achieve your perfect smile!

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