Eco Toothbrush Review

Eco Toothbrush Review

It feels just like a normal brush!

sustainable eco friendly toothbrush review

We promised in a recent blog that we’d get back to you after one of us had used an eco toothbrush – and now, here we are!

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As part of our commitment to be a greener, more environmentally-friendly dental practice we’re dedicated to promoting the reduction of plastic. Both, in the practice and by our patients. The sustainable bamboo brush is a real, small and achievable change we could all make. But the brush we recommend had to make the grade. We gave the Zero Waste Club toothbrush to a valued patient to use for a few weeks and asked that he get back to us with his findings.

The eco toothbrush

What the Z-W-C says;

Zero Waste Bamboo Toothbrush is the perfect environmentally friendly toothbrush. The handle is biodegradable and the bristles are recyclable (We are in the process of rolling out a scheme to send us the bristles back for proper recycling). The handles are handcrafted, thus each toothbrush is slightly unique. So no two toothbrushes are the same.

The toothbrush Review

  • The package is recyclable and totally plastic free
  • The sustainable bamboo is waterproof and comfortable to use
  • The bristles are soft and feel no different to a standard toothbrush
  • They plant a tree for each toothbrush bought


This review is simple, switch now. It was so great to use, and honestly felt no different to my usual toothbrush. There’s no compromise when using the eco friendly tooth brush from The Zero Waste Club. I can see no reason  to not switch. It is great to know that I’m taking lots of small steps in the right direction.

Our alternative range

We’re constantly trying to increase our range of environmentally friendly dental products that we trust. These three we have available to purchase at the practice.

  • Z-W-C Toothbrush
  • georganics floss
  • interdental bamboo brushes
eco toothbrush
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