Do I need a Dental Exam?

Do I need a Dental Exam?

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The health of your gums and teeth can deteriorate if not maintained regularly.

When do you need to have a dental exam?

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It is very important to attend regularly for your dental exam. The National Institute of Clinical Excellence  (NICE) recommends that these should be carried out every 3-12 months depending on your dental need requirements. The health of your gums and teeth can deteriorate if not maintained regularly.

What is a Dental Exam?

During your examination appointment, we conduct a thorough assessment of your oral health, encompassing an evaluation of your teeth, gums, soft tissues (including cheeks and tongue), as well as an examination of your head and neck.

In addition to the clinical examination, we may perform routine radiographs to assist in diagnosing dental issues that may not be visible during the physical examination. If any dental conditions, such as gum disease or decay, are detected, we promptly inform you and strive to address them while they are still manageable and minor. Allowing these issues to progress could result in pain and more significant complications down the road.

Moreover, dental exams play a crucial role in the prevention of serious medical conditions. As part of our routine dental examination, we also screen for oral cancer and cancers affecting the head, neck, and lymph nodes. Early detection of these conditions is of paramount importance for effective treatment and improved outcomes.

I have no problems, I don’t need a dental exam.

We hear this one quite a bit, along with, “I moved house 5 years ago and I didn’t get around to finding a new dentist”. We understand that prioritising the dentist isn’t always top of the list. However, it’s important to note, most dental problems will not be perceived as painful until the very late stages of the disease. They grumble along and progress without an exam and by the late stages, unfortunately, a simple problem can turn in to a major dental problem and you’re likely to attend as an emergency. This can complicate treatment and we always aim to treat these issues as early as possible with minimal intervention. 

Attending regularly will prevent the need to visit in an emergency. You will inevitably save money on costly dental treatments if you attend at your tailored recall and maintain good oral health. The hope is that all of our patients achieve dental health and we can set them to a 1 year recall.

Did you know, as well as regular dental exams, you should also be visiting your dental hygienist routinely?



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We take great pleasure in providing ongoing care for our valued patients. There is immense satisfaction in knowing that we are consistently maintaining your oral health. Through regular dental examinations, we can ensure that your teeth are given the optimal opportunity to not only appear and feel fantastic but also remain healthy and vibrant throughout your lifetime.

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