5 reasons to see a hygienist

5 reasons to see a hygienist

If you have Halitosis you're often the last person to know. A dental hygienist will be honest and help you treat it.

What does a hygienist do?

As well as scaling and polishing teeth, your dental hygienist will provide you with a tailored oral hygiene regime. The correct techniques for cleaning between your teeth, with the appropriate tools will be discussed and demonstrated. enabling you to maintain outstanding cleaning at home.

5 reasons to visit the hygienist

1. You will miss bits

No matter how good a brusher we think we are, even the most avid of tooth cleaners will miss some areas. Usually tucked around the back of our teeth of slightly under the little cuff of gum around the base of your tooth.

Maria, our hygienist has special tools and has had the training to access all of these hard to reach areas and remove built-up and hardened plaque and calculus.

2. Not visiting can lead to tooth loss

If the hardened plaque or calculus isn’t removed it can lead to advanced gum disease. As gum disease advances it can begin to destroy your tooth’s supporting structures – which will eventually lead to wobbly teeth.

3. Fresher breath

There are only a few things worse than having bad breath, and often – you’re the last to know about it, but a dental hygienist will be honest with you. Halitosis is typically caused by bacteria that are hiding under the gum line. Routine visits to the dental hygienist to remove the bacteria that’s causing it will help you to keep it at bay at home.

4. A whiter smile

Daily food and drinks such a coffee and more surprisingly, blueberries, will stain your teeth.

These are usually surface stains, too stubborn for a toothbrush but can be removed with professional scaling and polishing.  A dental hygienist can remove the stains and can even make your teeth whiter than they were before with treatments such as PROPHYpearls air polish.

4. a more confident smile

A healthy, clean mouth and a great smile do wonders for your confidence, whether you’re talking to people or laughing with them.

The very best thing about regular dental hygiene appointments is we will be able to give you the information you need to elevate your oral hygiene routine which means you’ll have a wonderfully healthy mouth and may not need to see us that often.


Everybody’s dental and hygiene recall is different but we recommend that you see a dental hygienist at least twice a year. If you haven’t seen one for a while book today.  With direct access you no longer need to see a dentist before you can see a dental hygienist – you can see one right away.

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