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Is tooth whitening safe?

Is Tooth Whitening Safe?

With a growing number of people chasing a whiter, brighter smile and 100’s of different products promising to instantly whiten your teeth it can be hard to know which tooth whitening treatment is actually safe.

Professional dental tooth whitening gels are a licensed, prescription-only product and can only legally be supplied by a qualified, registered dental professional, this is the only safe way to eliminate any risk of irreparable damage to your teeth and gums. We would advise you not to consider any online product promising immediate ‘too good to be true‘ results.

The fact is tooth whitening is completely safe when a customised protocol is designed for you, with the recommended ingredients in the gel and different lengths of day or night time wear.

is tooth whitening safeHow Does Tooth Whitening Work?

Whitening gels will remove both surface & deep stains as well as change the natural pigmentation of your tooth. The resulting can be anywhere from five to seven shades brighter.

The goal of tooth whitening is to change the colour of the top two layers of your tooth, enamel and dentine. In-office (chairside) whitening and at-home (tray) whitening both use active whitening gels to bleach the tooth.  The whitening gel works by diffusing into the microscopic pores in your enamel, lifting stains and changing the colour as it does so.  The safest and proven tooth whitening gels contain carbamide peroxide or hydrogen peroxide as their active ingredients.


Will Tooth Whitening Work For Me?

It’s important to remember that tooth whitening results vary as everyone responds differently to different whitening procedures.  The colour that your teeth are to begin with can dictate this, as well as any discolouration from trauma or surface discrepancies like fluorosis.  Something to also consider is your ratio of dentine to enamel. It’s different in everyone and in each tooth; your canines, for example, can appear darker than your other teeth, this is because of higher dentine to enamel ratio. A whitening consultation will tell you which system is right for you!


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