Featured Tooth Whitening Case

Featured Tooth Whitening Case

We’re extremely proud to present this tooth whitening case in preparation for a patient’s special day, her wedding!

Dr Peta Leigh created a tailored whitening protocol to address the darkened left central incisor and provide a complete and even whitening result.

I am absolutely thrilled with the result!
tooth whitening results
tooth whitening results

Patient’s concerns and desired outcome

This patient attended wishing to explore ways to improve the appearance of her teeth.  Her initial comments we that she wanted  “a whiter, more even smile” in preparation for her wedding. 

tooth whitening results
tooth whitening results

Treatment Plan

Following an initial dental consultation, Peta discussed with the patient her treatment desires, ideal outcome and possible treatment options.

Once they were happy and confident with their plan the patient began with their smile makeover treatment plan.

smile makeover plan

  1. Dental Hygiene
  2. Internal Tooth Whitening (upper left central incisor)
  3. External, At-Home Tooth Whitening with Enlighten 

the results

With comprehensive planning and a tailored assessment and whitening protocol Dr Peta Leigh was able to provide a successful, dramatic, yet minimally invasive, smile makeover for the patient, in time for her wedding!

She is absolutely thrilled with the result! (So are we!)

Get in touch today to see how we can help you to transform your smile and smile with confidence.

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