Children’s Dentistry | 5 Tips for Better Brushing

Children's Dentistry

Children’s Dentistry | 5 Tips for Better Brushing

The Importance Of Children’s Dentistry

It is important to start good oral hygiene habits early in life, and our team are highly experienced in monitoring children’s teeth and providing the right advice for you. We take extra care when working with young patients to ensure they feel comfortable, both physically and emotionally.

At Willow Tree Dental and Orthodontic Centre we place a priority on teaching kids about the importance of oral hygiene, from brushing and flossing, to understanding why it is important to keep their teeth clean and healthy.

Children’s Dentistry at Willow Tree focuses on early education to help prevent serious dental problems later in life, we always make sure our young patients understand what they need to do to keep their teeth and gums in good condition.

Our passionate team of mums is dedicated to providing children with a fun and stress-free visit at the dentist! We work hard to ensure that your child’s dental experience will be one they can smile about.

When To Start Visiting The Dentist

Regular dental exams for children are a vital part of ensuring growing smiles stay healthy and bright.

Early detection allows us to effectively triage any potential issues, reducing the risk of more severe problems developing down the road.

We can also determine if fluoride treatments or sealants could be beneficial in preventing decay over time – enabling your little one’s pearly whites to sparkle happily into adulthood!

We encourage parents to bring their little ones in for a checkup as soon they get that first tooth, just to check that the teeth are happy and healthy at this stage.

Then we advise regular visits from age 2, this will help kids settle into the dental environment, and our professionals can guide you on providing your child with excellent oral health care – like supervised brushing and eating habits!

Tooth Brushing And Eating Habits

With our expertise in talking to children, we understand that having a friendly dentist explain the necessity of teeth brushing and why too many sweets are not good for your little one’s dental health can make it much easier on parents when trying to get their kids excited about taking care of their oral hygiene.

If you are struggling to get your child to brush their teeth here are a few tips that might help;

  • Try Disclosure Tablets – Seeing germs on their teeth with a splash of pink and purple helps make brushing more engaging, making the process fun while ensuring healthy smiles.
  • Use An Electric Toothbrush – Kids love gadgets, so the idea of a new toy that helps to keep your mouth clean should help to encourage regular brushing. With minimal effort, your child can keep their smile sparkling clean and be excited about doing so too!
  • Brush Their Toys Teeth Too – Get your little one tend to their toy’s dental hygiene! Keeping a spare toothbrush to give your child’s favourite toy’s teeth a brush too is a tried and tested method that kids seem to love.
  • Use A Tooth Brushing App – Turn toothbrushing into a game! There are lots fun and engaging toothbrushing apps available that can help to encourage your little ones to take care of their teeth. Most feature a built in timer and rewards your child for brushing for 2 minutes. Your kids may even look forward it!
  • Tell Their Dentist – If toothbrushing or eating too many sweets is a problem at home you could let us know. We will make sure we communicate the importance of oral hygiene at their next appointment. We are also personal friends of the tooth fairy, so we could always talk to her for you too!

At Willow Tree Dental and Orthodontic Centre we care about kids teeth.
Book their dental exam today for a lifetime of happy, healthy teeth!

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