Orthodontics or Cosmetic Dentistry

Orthodontics or Cosmetic Dentistry

Orthodontics or Cosmetic Dentistry

Some aesthetic concerns can be fixed with orthodontics or with cosmetic dentistry. And there are benefits and disadvantages to both. Which is the best treatment? Well, that’s really for you to decide.

There really isn’t anything like your own teeth. So, orthodontics would be the best option if you want to transform your smile and keep everything minimally invasive and keep your natural teeth. But, it takes time. And, it takes commitment. It can also be a more costly treatment to embark on.

Cosmetic Dentistry is more affordable and can be faster. But, it requires maintenance and replacement and there are very small compromises in the result.

Hypodontia can be treated with orthodontics or cosmetic dentistry
orthodontics or cosmetic dentistry

Missing lateral incisors

Missing lateral incisors, or Hypodontia as its known, is a surprisingly common issue.  It is most commonly a developmental anomaly and can be a challenge to manage clinically. It can occur in other tooth positions too, but missing upper laterals is the one that affects your smile the most.

treatment expectation

This patient presented with missing upper lateral incisors but otherwise great alignment. They wanted to improve their smile in the quickest, most affordable way.

orthodontic option

Dr Farnoosh Mimeh discussed all of the treatment options to be sure of the patient’s expectation and concerns. One of which was orthodontics, to open the space of the missing laterals and replace them with either dental bridges, or implants. This is a long treatment plan, on average 18-24months if dental implants are placed. It requires lots of time and careful planning; to ensure there is the correct space for the restorations to be placed. And that they are of proportionate size and shape. It will provide the most ‘ideal’ result but it is also expensive. So, quicker more affordable options were discussed.

benefits of orthodontics

  • ideal alignment results
  • no damage to natural tooth tissue
  • no long term follow up appointments
Cosmetic Dentistry can provide fast and affordable smile transformations
orthodontics or cosmetic dentistry

cosmetic dentistry option

Dr Mimeh is an incredibly skilled clinician. She is not only magnificent at composite bondings, she really enjoys doing them. Which is reflected in her results. Luckily, this patient’s canine teeth were a great size and in a great position. Which made them a great foundation to build them up to look like the teeth they’re meant to be. The premolar teeth behind those were also shaped to become canine-like and composite added to their central incisors to balance the dimensions of the teeth and close the gaps; for a complete smile makeover.

In just one appointment the canine teeth were artfully covered, shaped and polished to be transformed into laterals. At a fraction of the cost of the complete orthodontic and restorative treatment plan.

benefits of cosmetic dentistry

  • faster results
  • more affordable
  • less appointments
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