What does Invisalign treatment include?


What does Invisalign treatment include?

Invisalign treatment is the clearest way to straight teeth; no brackets, no wires just clear, removable aligners

Starting Invisalign Treatment

The journey to Invisalign transformation commences with a comprehensive consultation led by one of our esteemed orthodontists, Dr Joyti Vasudev or Dr. Jill Daus. To secure your consultation slot, a nominal fee of £80 is required upon booking. Please note that this fee is fully refundable if you notify us of your cancellation at least 24 hours in advance; regrettably, it becomes non-refundable after this time.

During your consultation session, your orthodontist will conduct a meticulous examination of your smile, assessing its alignment and your jaw profile. Clinical photographs will be taken to assist in the evaluation, while we also take the opportunity to deeply understand your concerns and aspirations.

Following this thorough evaluation, your specialist orthodontist will present her expert recommendations and discuss the array of treatment options at your disposal. You will receive a personalised treatment plan that succinctly outlines your choices, associated costs, and pertinent details regarding our flexible payment options, including interest-free financing.

Invisalign records and treatment plan

Once you’re confident that you’d like to start treatment we need to see you for a ‘Records’ appointment. We gather and send off lots of very accurate impressions, photographs and x-rays to Invisalign in California, along with the treatment plan you have developed with your orthodontist.


A ClinCheck is a 3D simulation of your tooth movement, all of your records and our treatment plan is fed into the AlignTech software and your treatment plan is digitally mapped. It shows you how many aligners you will need, what additional treatments (such as IPR and attachments) you require, and where, and shows you the predicted final result! We invite you in to amend or approve the ClinCheck before we have your aligners manufactured.

SmartTrack Aligners

All aligners are not alike, only Invisalign aligners are made of SmartTrack material, they are more comfortable, sit closer to your teeth and are easier to take in and out.

Checkups and Adjustments

All of your check-up and adjustment appointments are included in the cost of your Invisalign treatment. After we’ve fitted your aligners, we’ll see you approximately every 6 to 8 weeks to check that your treatment is tracking and to carry out the adjustments and additional treatments detailed in your ClinCheck Treatment Plan.

And if your Specialist Orthodontist advises that you are suitable to change your aligners every week rather than every two weeks, you could achieve your new smile in as little as 3 months, that’s up to 50% faster than before!

IPR and Attachments

Attachments are tooth-coloured precision dots made from dental composite material.  They enable the SmartTrack aligners to lift, twist, pull and push your teeth with much finer detail than ever before. We may need to fit these attachments from the very beginning or they may be added during your treatment. It’s a simple procedure and they’re polished off easily and safely.

Most patients also need some interproximal reduction (IPR) before or during treatment, to ensure the best possible result. This involves removing very small amounts of enamel from in between your teeth with a polishing disc or strip, helping to create more space. It’s a very safe and painless treatment not dissimilar to filing a nail.

Invisalign Cost

Our Invisalign fee is inclusive of all appointments, adjustments, IPR and emergencies. Invisalign and start from £2850.

What’s not included?

Before you being orthodontic treatment, you need to be dentally fit. If you haven’t seen a general dentist in a while then we would advise you have a checkup. We’re more than happy to see you here as a general patient if you don’t have your own dentist. If you need any treatments for tooth decay or gum disease, for example, these will be quoted and charged for separately.

We usually ask patients to see a hygienist before and during orthodontic treatment as happy healthy clean teeth move a lot more freely. Therefore, we offer a 3 for 2 on hygiene appointments for our orthodontic patients; these can be incorporated and financed with your total treatment fee.

Retainers are not included in the cost of Invisalign and we have a number of options for you to consider.

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