WIN Lingual

Perfecting alignment and transforming smiles
win lingual
Reliability and Aesthetics in Perfection.

The WIN Lingual Appliance is the next generation high-tech design and individually manufactured to be extremely flat, precise and reliable. These qualities are the reason why WIN Lingual Braces are No. 1 in the world.

win lingual brace

The brackets and arch wires of WIN Lingual Braces are always fixed to the inside of the teeth. Unlike removable transparent aligners – they are always invisible from the outside and due to their extremely flat design, they comfortably fit into your mouth. The WIN Lingual Appliance combines two important features that patients should expect from a tooth correction: Invisibility and three-dimensional control. WIN Lingual Braces are individually designed to correct all forms of tooth misalignments.


WIN Lingual braces are suitable for all malocclusions and for all age groups. Due to the extremely low profile bracket, they don’t take too much getting used to – however, as with all lingual appliances, you will need to take extra care when keeping them clean.


We take accurate dental impressions for plaster models of your teeth and jaws to constructed in the WIN laboratory.  The technicians, along with your orthodontist, tailors the optimal corrections for your misaligned teeth in order to perfect your smile. The treatment plan aims to transform your smile in the shortest possible time frame. Once your brackets and customised arch wires have been manufactured we will fit them and see you every 6-8 weeks for adjustments and wire changes.