SureSmile Advanced®

Perfecting alignment and transforming smiles
The world’s most advanced digital orthodontics.
SureSmile Advanced ® is the most sophisticated planning tool and customisation options for all orthodontic treatments. SureSmile Advanced ® offers fully customised arch wires to provide you with the best, preplanned orthodontic movements in the best possible way.
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SureSmile Advanced ® planning software allows your orthodontist to virtually plan your care before treatment even begins. Using the SureSmile digital simulation tools your orthodontist can create an optimised and completely personalised treatment prescription for you.

Based this plan, brace archwires are customised by a sophisticated robot especially for your for your teeth.

The benefit of using a computer simulated treatment plan vs traditional hand-bent wires is accuracy and therefore speed of treatment, SureSmile Advanced ® can reduce your treatment time by 30%! The digital simulation allows your orthodontist to see how each arch wire will twist, turn, push, pull and extrude your teeth to enable them to perfect the result before they begin.


Yes, if you’re having traditional fixed or lingual braces. SureSmile Advanced ® can be paired with any and all of our brace systems.


Once you’ve had your brace brackets fitted, we take an impression of your teeth for SureSmile Advanced ® to generate a 3D simulation of your teeth and brace. You will go away with a non-customised arch wire to begin with.  Your orthodontist will then create a treatment plan using the simulation tool and at your first adjustment appointment, your customised wires will be fitted in place of stock arch wires.

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