Incognito™ Lingual

Perfecting alignment and transforming smiles
incognito lingual
Happiness you see, Braces you don’t.
Incognito™ braces are an advanced, modern hidden brace that is discreetly fitted on the back of your teeth, not on the front like conventional ‘train tracks’. This allows you to go about your life without feeling self-conscious because your braces are virtually invisible from the outside.
incognito invisible brace

Incognito™ hidden braces are completely custom made and fabricated in a laboratory, using accurate impressions, digital scans and simulations of your teeth. The gold-alloy Incognito™ brackets are paired with customised, robot-bent archwires to guarantee absolute precision in your orthodontic treatment.


Incognito™ hidden braces are suitable for all age groups – children, adolescents and adults who want to correct their tooth position. As the brackets are fitted to the entire inside surface of your teeth, they can have an affect on your speech, eating and cleaning and require a higher level of diligence to ensure the brace brackets and wires are kept clean, leaving them to move freely. 99% of our lingual patients would agree that the commitment is worth it for the ultimate in discreet orthodontics.


When you’ve decided to go ahead with Incognito™ lingual braces we will see you to take a series of accurate dental impressions and send them away to the Incognito laboratory. They usually design and manufacture your brace brackets and arch wires in 6-8 weeks. Typically, we will fit one arch of braces at a time, to allow you to get used to them. Once both arches are bonded we will need to see you every 6-8 weeks for an adjustment and/or wire change.