Damon™ Smile

Perfecting alignment and transforming smiles
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A whole new way of treating patients.

Damon™ Smile is not just about revolutionary braces and wires, it’s a whole new way of treating patients. Sometimes traditional orthodontic treatment requires the removal of teeth to generate arch space to alleviate crowding. The Damon Braces approach uses light biologically-sensible forces and self-ligating brace brackets to reduce the need of extracting teeth.

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Damon braces are similar to traditional fixed braces as you know them, with the brackets fitted to the outside of your teeth. However, Damon Smile use a  ‘slide mechanism’ to hold the wire which allows the teeth to move more freely. The force applied by the arch wire to the tooth in order to move it, remains continuous therefore, adjustment appointments can be less frequent.

The brackets are smaller and lower in profile than traditional braces and, because they do not have conventional elastic ties, which can attract or collect plaque, they make cleaning during treatment much easier. The Damon™ Brace technology provides more comfort, without compromising on speed. In fact, it can produce excellent results in a shorter time.  Plus, Damon™ Braces are available in clear brackets for patients who want a more discreet brace treatment.


Damon braces are a clinically proven treatment approach to align your teeth and enhance your facial aesthetics without the need to extract teeth.  It successfully creates arch space usually without extractions or rapid palatal expanders, so if a narrow arch and overly crowded teeth is your concern and you want to take a minimally invasive approach to your treatment you might want to consider this treatment option.


Damon™ braces are easy to fit. If you and your orthodontist have decided this is the right brace system for you then we are able to fit your braces soon after we’ve taken your pre-orthodontic records. We fit both arches at the same time if you wish and you continue to see your orthodontist every 6-8 weeks for adjustments and wire changes.

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