Keeping an Oral Hygiene Regime in Lockdown

Keeping an Oral Hygiene Regime in Lockdown

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To truly maintain healthy gums and teeth and avoid other oral health problems, regular routine dentist visits are essential.

Keeping an Oral Hygiene Regime?

by Willow Tree Dental and Orthodontic Centre on Routine Dentistry, Dental Emergencies and Dental Hygiene

Life is upside down right now and if it’s anything like ours you’ll be feeling like a plate spinner at circus. You’ll be forgiven for a lapse on Oral Hygiene Regime and for the forgotten, “I’m too tired to think so just climbing into bed” missed evening tooth brushing. But maintaining your oral health in lockdown is important for your whole family.

How to keep an oral hygiene regime

Be strict with your timings

Set a time for evening tooth brushing and set an alarm on your phone or smart speaker. Alexa can be a god send in the chaos of an evening bedtime routine.

Out of bed into the bathroom

Instead of waking up and heading straight down to the hot steaming coffee. Head straight to the bathroom and make it a rule that no one is allowed downstairs until all your teeth are brushed.

Set a competition!

Every family loves a little bit of competitive rivalry – so make your tooth brushing a family game! Get some disclosing tablets from Boots or Amazon and keep a score chart for who does the best job. The loser gets an extra chore at the end of the week.

Keep sugar hits to meal times

With the kids at home 24/7 and you feeling the need to boost your energy -you may have lost track of all the snacks and therefore “Sugar-hits” throughout the day. being mindful of when these are can help to protect your families teeth from decay. Try yoghurts, cheese,  carrot & hummus and other tooth-friendly snacks between meals.

Just do it

If all this fails and you find yourself running your tongue across your furry teeth of an afternoon thinking, “Did we brush our teeth this morning….?” Don’t panic. Do it when you get the time. It’s better to do it late than not at all.

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