Online Booking

Online booking checklist


If you’re a New Patient we just need to make you aware of a few important details before we take you to our online booking portal.


1. You must be aged 16 or over to book online.

2. You can book online: Orthodontics, General, Emergency, Cosmetic, Hygiene and Facial Aesthetics appointments.

3. We require a fully refundable deposit for consultations, someone will give you a call to take the payment.
An Orthodontic Consultation is £60 and a New Patient Consultation is £85.
No deposit is required for Free Consultations.

4. If you are considering braces, appointments would be every six to eight weeks and the average treatment time is 12-15 months.

5. Orthodontic treatment typically costs between £2,750 and £3,500, depending on the brace you choose and the complexity of your case. Interest-free finance is available.


If you have any questions, please give us a call on 020 7603 4155.  Otherwise, please click the button below to complete your booking. We look forward to seeing you soon.